NC’s Quiet Spirit That Even Spurned KIA’s 9-Game Winning Streak [sports]

NC’s Quiet Spirit That Even Spurned KIA’s 9-Game Winning Streak… High-flying Pitching Since August

NC, which did not allow KIA to come back, ranks first in ERA and second in batting average since August

The professional baseball KIA Tigers could only move up one place in the rankings despite their recent 9-game winning streak.

It’s because of NC Dinos.

On the 24th of last month, when KIA's 9-game winning streak began, the gap between 4th place NC and 6th place KIA was only 2 games. 온라인카지노

Afterwards, KIA surpassed the Doosan Bears at the point of their 4th consecutive win and rose to 5th place, chasing NC to its chin.

However, while KIA added 5 wins, NC also maintained its lead with 5 wins (2 losses).

On the 7th, KIA's 10-game winning streak and NC's 3-game sweep intersected, and the gap between the two teams became 1.5 games.

In addition, NC beat SSG Landers and regained third place in about a month.

This is a scene that clearly shows the unique backbone that NC began to show in the late part of the regular season.

Since last month, NC Dinos has recorded 17 wins, 9 losses, and 1 draw, tying for second place with KIA in winning percentage.

1st place is KT Wiz (20 wins, 9 losses), which jumped from 5th place to 2nd place in the league during this period.

During this period, NC's longest winning streak and losing streak are 5 consecutive wins and 3 consecutive losses.

Although they were not able to run at an unstoppable pace like KIA, they made a profit by breaking the losing streak at the right time.

The factor can be found in perfect two-stroke harmony.

Since August, NC's team ERA has been first in the league (3.39).

The starters recorded 12 wins, 7 losses, an average ERA of 3.63, and the bullpen recorded 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, 7 saves, and 14 holds with an ERA of 3.02.

Newly joined foreign pitcher Tanner Turley (5 games, 3 wins, ERA 2.37) showed better than expected, and native starter Choi Seong-young (4 games, 1 win, 2 losses, ERA 4.34), who returned from injury, also played his part.

In the bullpen, the winning team of Ryu Jin-wook, Kim Young-gyu (6 holds each), and Lee Yong-chan (1 win, 1 loss, 7 saves) is holding out.

The batting lineup is also fierce.

Since August, it boasts the second-highest team batting average (0.288), and the bats of the table setter (0.348, first) and central batting line (0.314, second) are particularly hot.

If Son Ah-seop (0.379) and Park Min-woo (0.333) survive with precise contact, Park Geon-woo (0.404), Jason Martin (0.309), and Kwon Hee-dong (0.316) are responsible for timely hitting.

During this period, if the lead batter reached base in the first inning, NC's winning percentage reached 0.818 (9 wins, 2 losses).

In particular, I am glad to see Martin's performance and Park Geon-woo's awakening.

Martin, who suffered from poor batting at the beginning of the season, had a season batting average of only 0.237 through May, but raised it to 0.301 in three months.

Park Geon-woo, who was expunged for reprimand in July, is flying high with 44 hits in 118 at-bats (batting average of 0.373), 4 home runs, and 26 RBIs in 35 games after returning to the first team.
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